Active Media Products SaberTooth ZF SSD Upgrade Kits Debut

Active Media Products has launched a new series of SSD upgrade kits that will work for smaller notebooks and netbooks including the MacBook Air first gen notebook. The SSD that the upgrade kits use is the 1.8-inch Turbo Speed PATA ZIF SSD. The SSD has a parallel ATA ZIF interface and will work with just about all notebooks that use that interface.

The upgrade kit can be had with SSDs packing in a range of storage capacities. One kit has a 64GB SSD for $169. The mid-range kit is a 128GB SSD for $289. The high-end kit is a 256GB SSD and it sells for $739. The upgrade kits include all the stuff you need to swap your drive for the new SSD and get your data onto the new SSD.

Along with the SSD itself, the upgrade kits also come with a cloning adapter for moving your data over, a mini screwdriver, and an illustrated instruction book. The cloning adapter allows the transfer of data from the old drive to the new drive using a USB port. The SSDs has transfer speeds up to 130MB/s. The upgrade kits are available now.