Active Media Predator X7 SSDs: speedy, afforable & a mini-USB too

Active Media are becoming known for pairing reasonably performing solid-state drives with reasonably affordable price tags, and that's a combination we can't find much to argue with here at SlashGear.  The latest series, the Predator X7 SSD line, is no different: capacities start at 32GB, then rise through 64GB and 128GB before topping out at 256GB.

Meanwhile performance is clocked at up to 230MB/sec sequential read rates and up to 180MB/sec sequential write rates, courtesy of the Jmicron JMF612 controller with its own 128MB of DRAM cache.  There's also wear-leveling, automatic bad block management and hardware ECC, and a mini-USB port for transferring files onto the SSD without actually installing it into a system.  Prices kick off at $149 and rise to $699 when the Predator X7 SSDs land in November.