Action Movie FX for iPhone lets you blow everything up with your camera

It's time to get serious about blowing up everything from your car to your pet dog to your swingset and back down to your salt and pepper shakers – with Action Mobile FX for iPhone, you can do such a thing with the greatest of ease. This application was released on the 22nd of December, right before the holiday rush, and is set to set the virtual world on fire directly through your device's camera. You select your effect (the missile is best), hit GO for your camera, film a short scene, and the effect is added automatically: fire, fire for everyone!

This isn't the first time someone has created an instant-effects app for the iPhone, but it's certainly the best effort to date. Have a peek as a coffee table is blown up right before your eyes with the greatest of ease! This one's filmed with the iPad 2, by the way, so marvel at how good it is even with that less than perfect camera:

Now tap fast and tap instantly on down to your local iTunes store here: [Action Movie FX app on iTunes App Store] And guess what? It's totally free! Of course you'll get addicted to this whole situation and will want to purchase the additional effects for a buck apiece, but know this: they're worth it too. Drop a helicopter on your best friend, smash a car into yourself!

And do it all from the safety of your own iDevice. It's free with two effects right this moment but may well cost cash down the line, so download now, think later!