Acoustic Energy AE29 Bluetooth A2DP speakers coming to US

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Acoustic Energy are making a return to the US market with their AE29 Bluetooth stereo speakers.  The three-part system comprises the twin speaker blocks which detach from a central 20-watt stereo amplifier.  It uses the A2DP Bluetooth profile to connect with cellphones, laptops and PMPs and stream music wirelessly over what's likely to be a roughly 10m range.

A one-touch pairing button attempts to make hooking up new devices straightforward, and there's a aux-in ports for plugging in non-Bluetooth media players such as Apple's iPod range.  The speakers have already been a hit with UK reviewers.

The Acoustic Energy AE29 A2DP Bluetooth stereo speakers are currently listed on Amazon US, however there's no specific release date as yet.  It's expected to drop sometime in November, priced at around $220.

[via Crave]