Acme Portable PC GTS370 desktop with three swing-out LCDs

Desktop computers designed with handles to be "luggable" are nothing new, and we've even seen a few with an LCD display embedded into the side, but Acme Portable don't want you to miss out on your multi-screen convenience when you travel.  That's why the GTS370 has a total of three swing-out LCD panels, each 17-inches running at SXGA resolution.  It's seemingly an updated, gaming version of the prototype Acme showed last year, which was intended for industrial use and was a bit more bulky.

Inside the aluminium case (the corners of which are protected with rubber bumpers) there's a full-sized ATX motherboard, opening up the possibility of a LAN gaming rig that could blow away even expensive gamer's laptops.  Space for three hot-swappable 3.5-inch hard-drives takes care of storage, and there's a slim DVD drive too.  Acme are coy on the full details – they quote "seven expansion slots" for the motherboard, but don't specify what kind – but if you find it to be lacking the standard size means you could always replace it yourself.  A compact notebook-style keyboard has a built-in touchpad and looks to affix somehow to the case for transport.

No pricing or availability details, though Acme's site seems to indicate that it can be bought (only not directly from them).  Interest in a product like this would have to be based on price: if, barebones, it seriously undercut a gaming notebook, and left room for comparatively cheaper, faster desktop components, I could see some people sacrificing portability for better bang-for-buck.  Get the pricing wrong, and people will continue to look to Alienware for their mobile gaming.

[via AVING]