Acer trims 2012 range by two-thirds, predicts Wintel besting Apple

Acer's chairman has announced some big changes for the Acer line up in 2012. The company will be cutting its product line back significantly with a reduction of its line by two-thirds. That reduction will come after a reported full evaluation of the entire Acer product line. Presumably, the products cut will be those that aren't popular any more. I wonder if any of the Andorid tablets Acer is offering will meet the axe.

Chairman JT Wang said that it would take three years to complete the simplification plans Acer has in mind. Acer is expecting the products it leaves in the line to sell better than they did last year with a prediction of a 10% rise in sales for 2012. Acer does not that the downsizing of its range will not affect outsourcing to ODMs.

Wang was also boasting that he is very optimistic about Wintel. He noted that Apple, Wintel, and Android are the three major categories and that Wintel will be the single biggest driver of all three of the PC industry. Wand also noted that he is expecting the price of an Ultrabook to drop to $699 in 2012. That is a much lower price than we see in the Ultrabooks on the market so far.