Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair hands-on: Gloriously Excessive

The Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair is something out of a sci-fi movie – or perhaps your wildest at-home arcade dreams. It's like I'm one of the Sovereign from Marvel Comics – in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where they remotely control spaceships from their super-advanced full-sized consoles. Or one of those kids in the movie TOYS, controlling war machines from the comfort of their own gaming chairs – or something like that. In any case, this is pretty awesome.

This gaming chair is the embodiment of excess – it's a beastly extension of a hardcore gamer's dreams, the most extravagant accessory ever made. You have a super-powerful gaming PC, here, and the gaming chair right next to it. It's a chair, with displays, with speakers, with everything you can imagine you might want in a singular all-encompassing game system for the seated, immersed gamer. This chair is everything short of actually floating in the center of a spherical display – maybe next year.

Who is this for?

Your game-loving nephew Billy probably won't be getting this for his birthday this year. This piece of equipment could, possibly, eventually be purchased by the average consumer, but for now it's mostly meant for big-time operations like high-end arcades. The same arcades that have full-scale wide-open room VR experiences and games with displays bigger than your whole body.

In our chat with Acer representatives, we found out that they've discussed releasing the Thronos Gmaing Chair with and without all the components attached. You might be able to buy the chair with just one display, or you could potentially buy it with all three. There'll likely be a mouse and keyboard sent along with it, but you'll probably have to buy the PC separate – unless you want a FULL package.

In any case, this isn't for your everyday average consumer. You're going to need to be CERTAIN this is the sort of life you want to live if you're an individual with a whole lot of cash burning a hole in your pocket.

So many lights!

Like I said, this isn't really the sort of machine that's meant for your little cousin. This is a gaming chair that's meant to be SEEN, and by more than one person alone in a basement. There are lights visible from ALL the sides, and the branding on this machine is very, very evident.

There's also a rather bright light on the neck of this chair, meant to keep the user in the brightness without blasting them with glare from the displays ahead. Like a streetwise underground drift racer vehicle, this chair also has a blue glow underneath.

Where can I buy it?!

You cant! At least, not yet. Once this chair is actually available for sale, we'll be sure to let you know in a brand new article up on the front page of SlashGear. This chair rolls with the following specs, followed by pricing and availability.

Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Chair specs:

• Height: 1.5 meters tall

• Materials: Steel, LED lights, comfy chair bits and pieces

• Haptics: In-chair vibrations via in-game impact (connected to audio)

• Adjustable Bits: 1-3 monitors, foot rest, 140-degree reclinable chair, adjustable lights

• Drink Holders: 2x cup holders on left side

• Controls: Controller for chair/sound adjustments embedded in chair's left arm

• Cord Runners: Up through the neck of the chair are spaces for cords for between one and three displays, which are also held up by the neck of the chair. All cords run out the back/bottom of the chair.

Pricing on this chair is not yet decided, and it would seem that no final setup is yet official. We're expecting we'll see more of this chair later this year, but Acer's not yet suggested a possible release date. For now, it's mostly a vehicle to show off Acer's full line of PREDATOR gaming peripherals. Have a peek at the timeline below for more CES 2019 hands-on action with Acer's Predator gaming device lineup.