Acer isn't leaving tablet market according to founder

Acer's founder has stepped up and denied the rumors that have been circulating that the company will be leaving the tablet market. Acer's founder Stan Shih has come forward and denied those rumors. Shih said that while the tablet market for Acer has been difficult it is not abandoning the market. Shih likened the process Acer is going through right now to the same teething issues the company had when it entered into the notebook market.

Acer is shedding a bunch of its line though. It had previously announced that it would be cutting 2/3 of its product line moving into 2012. The company is focusing on products that are more profitable. Acer is also saying it has no plans to exit the smartphone business either. It hasn't yet really competed in the smartphone realm.

Acer will not be downsizing the personnel related to smartphones and tablets either. I would assume with a 2/3 cut n the product line some workers will be let go. Acer is hoping that the cuts will allow it to expand in the tablet and smartphone markets.

[via DigiTimes]