Acer founder takes CEO and Corporate President seat without salary

Due to the less-than-stellar state of affairs in selling computers at Acer as of late, both the CEO and the Corporate President of the company have stepped down from their respective positions. To replace them, the board has elected the company's founder Stan Shih as both CEO and Corporate President all rolled into one. This will be a temporary assignment as the company seeks full-time replacements for the former positions of J.T. Wang and Jim Wong.

What's ever-so-slightly odd about this particular re-assignment is the fact that it's all been done with a bit of reluctance. As the release this morning reads:

Despite their resignations, reluctantly accepted by the Board, both J.T. Wang and Jim Wong have committed to remain with Acer as advisors to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of the management team and to help the company back to stability.

In addition to the appointment of Stan Shih, the Board also resolved to relinquish the position of the CEO. Former CEO duties will be charged to the Chairman or President and this is expected to boost the company's decision making efficiency.

What's especially noteworthy about the assignment given to Shih is his decision to take on the responsibility without salary. Shih will do his duty for the company completely without the additional pay the position(s) would normally include, and will do so with co-founding partner George Huang.

Huang will assist Shih and the management team at Acer to lead the company while it goes through this important transformation. Shih has also affirmed his commitment to support Acer's ICT device business fully.