Acer F1 Snapdragon smartphone, plus A1 Android handset, tipped from September

Chris Davies - Jul 15, 2009

Acer haven’t been especially shy about their smartphone plans but, according to the latest leaks over in Taiwan, the company could be closer to launching their range than originally suspected.  The Acer F1 shown here – together with the A1, C1/E1 and L1 – will apparently arrive “at the end of September and in the fourth quarter of this year”.

Previously we’d heard that the F1 should be on shelves by the Christmas holidays, but that was only a Computex whisper.  Inventec are tipped to be producing the C1/E1 as an ODM design, while Compal are behind the ODM L1 and the F1 and A1 as OEM.

While complete details on the devices themselves are unclear, there are at least a few interesting tidbits suggesting that the Acer handsets could be worth waiting for.  The F1 has a 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen and Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, and – like the C1/E1 and L1 – runs Windows Mobile 6.5, while the A1 is Acer’s first Android-based device.

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