Acer Chromebook AC700 now available to purchase on Amazon

Acer's AC700 Chromebook was announced back in May and went on pre-order a while later. The little netbook was among the first of the Chromebooks to be announced and sounds more than a little interesting. The machine has the typical netbook features that you expect to find in the category today and has a price that is very similar to most netbooks. The machine is called the Acer AC700-1099 Chromebook.

The AC700 is now on Amazon to purchase for $349. For the money, you get a netbook with an 11.6-inch screen with WiFi and an Intel Atom N570 processor. The machine has a matte display, which is very nice and sets it apart from the Samsung Chromebook on the market. Matte screens will produce less glare and make the machine more comfortable to use in bright rooms. The rig also sports 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD for storage.

Other features include a 1.3MP webcam, dual USB ports, HDMI output, and a battery good for six hours per charge. The AC700 weighs 3.2 pounds. A 3G packing version of the AC700 will land this summer sometime. What do you think of the price? I think the machine is cool, but I only see it appealing to hard-core geeks.

[via Netbooknews]