Acer Chairman JT Wang Says Tablet Fever Is Cooling

The sales of tablets are still growing rapidly on the computer market today. Tablets are taking a big chunk of buyers that would otherwise go to notebooks leaving companies with margins that don't look good in the wake of sales decreases. Acer announced a quarterly loss for Q2 and the loss was blamed on the success of the iPad. Despite the Acer loss being laid at the feet of a tablet, Acer's chairman JT Wang says that tablet fever is already cooling.

I think that is wishful thinking on Wang's part at this point. The sales of Acer and other brands of tablets may be cooling, but the iPad has shown little signs of letting up. Wang also thinks that consumers will be wooed back to notebooks with the launch of the Ultrabooks and Windows 8 computers. Wang also noted Acer has conducted surveys that found consumers have high interest in Ultrabooks.

The consumer interest in Ultrabooks will be directly tied to the price of the machines in my opinion. Even on the low end, they will be more expensive than many tablets. Acer has said that it expects Ultrabooks to account for a small portion of sales in 2011. While Asus thought 2013 was more accurate for Intel's hopes of 40% of the notebook market, Acer is predicting a 2012 share very close to Intel's.

[via DigiTimes]