Acer Aspire One 'Slimline' gets hands-on feedback & gallery

More details about the slimline Acer Aspire One spotted yesterday have emerged, in the shape of some hands-on images and what are suggested to be the new netbook's specifications.  According to the anonymous source, the netbook – which is the ZG8 according to the product label – runs Intel's 1.6GHz N270 Atom processor with 1GB of RAM and, contrary to initial expectations, a 160GB hard-drive rather than an SSD. 

The OS seen here is OpenSuSE Linux 11.1, but that's apparently been installed by the netbook's user; we're still unclear on what it will actually ship with.  Other hardware includes WiFi a/b/g, gigabit ethernet and integrated Bluetooth.  The display measures 10.2-inches and runs at 1024 x 600 using the Intel 945GME graphics chipset.

There's also "apparently" integrated UMTS for mobile broadband use, a Synaptics-sourced touchpad, hardware switch for WiFi and Bluetooth and a memory card reader.  Acer managed to squeeze the netbook down to 25.5 x 18.5 x 2.4 cm by giving it a mere 3-cell battery, that's only good for three hours runtime.  According to the source, the keyboard feels solid and the display, though with a glossy finish, is bright enough so that you don't notice reflections.