Aava Mobile TWIST concept origins revealed [Video]

We've already told you that Aava Mobile will be bringing its slick second-gen Medfield-based smartphone to MWC 2011 shortly, and now we know a little more about its design providence. Core77 worked with Aava and AGENT designer Alberto Villareal on TWIST, an angular, origami-inspired concept that, the smartphone company tells us, turned out to be the basis for the second-gen Aava Core hardware.Video after the cut

A benefit of TWIST's unusual shape is that it can stand up on its narrow edge, unlike many modern phones, and there's a clever dock as well which changes its display according to whether a handset is in place or not. Now, it's worth noting that Aava Mobile has made some changes to the final product design, so it won't look exactly like this, but already it's enough to make us wish the company would offer the Aava Core to the end user, rather than shopping around the internal chipset technology to OEM/ODMs.

Core77 also has details on a rather slick looking smartphone/docking station pair, called the Lampi, by designer Thomas Valcke. No word on whether Aava Mobile also has intentions on commercialising that, however.