Aava Mobile Medfield MeeGo/Android phone confirmed

Intel has been showing off Medfield-based MeeGo prototypes in the past weeks, and soon Aava Mobile will be getting into the act with its second-generation Aava Core design which the company has confirmed to SlashGear is ready to be rolled out at MWC 2011 this month. According to Aava, the 8.9mm-thick touchscreen smartphone in fact runs either Android or MeeGo.

While the company has working units, they won't be selling the Aava Core direct to consumers. Instead, like the first model – which we played with all the way back at MWC 2010, when Aava had both Android and Moblin versions on show – it will be used as a developer device, as well as to promote the company's integrated ACPU and modem platform to OEM/ODMs.

The Intel Atom Medfield based chipset they've put together is also suited to tablets, so Aava tells us we shouldn't get too caught up in just the smartphone shell it's currently inside. Full specs are yet to be confirmed.