A slab of the sixties brought bang up to date

Chris Davies - May 30, 2007

Okay, so the name is on the crummy side of kitsch, but if you’ve fond memories of jiving round the jukebox (or just Fonz memories of Happy Days) and have a spare $7,295 lying around to splash on a hard-drive based audio player, then Rock-Ola’s Nostalgia Music Center might be the gaudy thing for you.


 Rock-Ola Nostalgia Music Center

You fill up the 160GB hard-drive yourself, slotting your CD collection in and having them encoded while an internet connection gathers up all the tracklistings.  The whole thing is controlled from a 15-inch touchscreen; double-tap for a seven second preview, drag to the playlist to cue it up.

Of course you’re mainly buying something like this for the appearance, and if you’re into jukeboxes then you’ll probably like the four-colour bubble tubes and metal detailing.  A 360 watt, five speaker system is built in, but there are external connections if you want to hook up your own amp.

It’s available worldwide with prices starting at $7,295 depending on customisation.

Rock-Ola [via Electronic House]

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