A new PS4 Pro 2TB model is coming

Eric Abent - Nov 1, 2018, 1:19pm CDT
A new PS4 Pro 2TB model is coming

The high-budget games of the modern era tend to take up a ton of space. Microsoft and Sony both offer consoles that start at 500GB of internal storage and go up to 1TB from there, but depending on the kind of games you play, 1TB might not even be enough to store your entire library. There are external storage options for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but a better solution is just to have as much storage as possible from the get go. Today, Sony announced a new PS4 Pro that helps with just that.

According to PlayStation Japan, the PS4 Pro is about to get a new 2TB model. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a 2TB PS4 Pro – the limited edition console Sony recently launched to celebrate 500 million PlayStations sold was outfitted with a 2TB hard drive as well. This, however, could mean that 2TB consoles are joining the regular PS4 Pro lineup, which would be great news.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony explains that this new 2TB PlayStation 4 Pro will launch in Japan on November 21, 2018. It’ll cost ¥44,980, which translates to just about $400. That, for the record, is the same price that the standard 1TB PS4 Pro goes for here in the States.

Whether or not this console will ever make its way outside of Japan is the big question now. At the time of this writing, Sony has made no indication that it intends to release this PS4 Pro in the United States. It seems likely that Sony will bring this console to other regions, but for the time being, that’s just speculation on my part.

Still, this would be a tempting centerpiece for a Black Friday bundle, so we’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for more. Hopefully Sony announces that this 2TB PS4 Pro is coming to the US soon, because more storage for games can’t possibly be a bad thing.

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