A mysterious new Pokemon game is reportedly in development

Eric Abent - Jul 22, 2019, 10:42am CDT
A mysterious new Pokemon game is reportedly in development

It’s shaping up to be a pretty big year for the Pokemon franchise. Not only are Pokemon Sword and Shield on the way for the Switch, but The Pokemon Company is also working with DeNA to create a new mobile game called Pokemon Masters, which is due out at some point this summer. Now, we’re getting word that another Pokemon game is in development, but we don’t know very much about it.

Apparently, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Chinese developer TiMi Studio Group, which is a subsidiary of Tencent. According to Serebii, which has a history of breaking Pokemon news, the two companies are working together on a new game, but at the moment, that’s all we know – we don’t know what it is, what it will be called, where it will release, or when it will release.

It’s worth pointing out that TiMi Studio is the developer behind titles such as Arena of Valor and the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile, so the chances are high that this a new mobile game. It’s possible this is a mobile Pokemon title meant specifically for the Chinese market, but without official word from The Pokemon Company, it’s hard to make that call.

One Pokemon mobile game we know a little more about is the aforementioned Pokemon Masters. In Pokemon Masters, players will recruit Pokemon trainers from the mainline game series and the anime, along with their signature Pokemon, to fight in 3-on-3 battles. That battle system was previewed in a recently-released trailer, which is worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet.

There’s still plenty we don’t know about Pokemon Masters – monetization is still a big question mark – so Pokemon Masters and this new game have at least that in common. We’ll keep an eye out for additional details about this team up between The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio, so stay tuned for more.

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