A comb with laser beams - HairMax LaserComb

For all those men out there who can't exactly pull off the bald Vin Diesel look, there is a new product to help you with that rapidly receding hairline. The new Lexington HairMax LaserComb. It is exactly what it says; a comb with lasers. Supposedly, this product slowly helps men or women's hair thicken again.

The manufacturer's site has plenty of photos for you to go and judge for yourself, personally I thought the before and afters were very convincing. They didn't try to show you a bald man going to a complete head of hair; instead it would show gradual changes.

They have a 93% success rate, and they do admit that this product does not work on everyone. They have yet to find any negative side effects. However, the product is a bit pricey at $600.

HairMax LaserComb targets men [via ubergizmo]