Apple Watch Ultra: Here's What Makes It Better

During today's Apple event, the company announced the newest variation of the Apple Watch. Dubbed the Apple Watch Ultra, it's designed for extreme sports and wild variations in temperature. The Apple Watch Ultra hosts a litany of new features making it the most rugged Apple Watch yet. The model sports a 49mm titanium case and the largest screen on any current Apple Watch, which Apple claims is twice as bright as any previous Apple Watch display. In addition to the huge screen, the Ultra has a larger grooved crown designed for users wearing gloves. The new customizable Action button on the side now comes in a thematically appropriate International Orange as standard. In addition, it comes with a second speaker and three total microphones. 

With the watch, Apple introduced a new watch face called Wayfinder that sports a wide range of complications including a customizable compass and altimeter. On the inside, the Apple Watch Ultra has dual-band GPS and Apple claims it's the most accurate GPS of any sports watch. That's a good thing for anything from urban exploring, exercising, or trekking the wilderness. The Ultra also features GPS backtracking in case the wearer gets lost. The Apple Watch Ultra comes with an enhanced compass app that allows the wearer to set waypoints and get their precise heading. For battery, Apple says the Ultra will go for 36 hours on a charge. Later this fall, Apple will make an Extended option available for up to a 60-hour battery.

An extreme Apple Watch

It's not an extreme watch without some extreme bands. For bands, the Ultra is available with a wide variety of options for those who are going to take their watch surfing, diving, climbing, or through any number of extreme sports. The Alpine loop band features a woven band and a titanium hook. The new Ocean Band is made out of a high-performance elastomer material that makes it easy to wear over a wet suit. Lastly, Apple touts the Trail Loop as the thinnest Apple Watch band yet made out of a lightweight flexible elastic textile that allows for easy fitment thanks to a quick adjustment tab. 

Apple claims the watch will survive between -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees. In the event of an emergency, the Ultra features an 86-decibel siren. Apple has also added features that make the Ultra a high-tech dive watch; it's water-resistant to 100 meters and sports EN13319 certification for dive computers and gauges. Cellular service is standard on the Apple Watch Ultra and it starts at $799. The Apple Watch Ultra is available for pre-order today and will be released on September 23.