This Wild Bentley-Branded Apartment Building Has An Elevator For You And Your Car

In 2026, the construction of a unique apartment building will wrap up, opening the doors for residents who have a particular fondness for Bentley cars to move in. The complex, which will be located in Miami, is being made in partnership with Dezer Development, Bentley announced in a press release. The destination aims to offer those who can afford it an ultra-luxurious experience that, of note, includes an elevator for Bentley cars. The automaker says this lift has been named after the developer and is, therefore, called the Dezervator.

The apartment complex is targeted at those who want a high-end living experience with quite a bit of convenience and some nice local sights, at least based on Bentley's description. The building — as we've come to expect from new developments — will embrace the rapidly expanding EV market and a general move toward electrification. The automaker has big EV plans of its own, as recently confirmed by Bentley's CEO Adrian Hallmark during an interview. There's still a lot we don't know about the anticipated model, including exactly what it will look like, though consumers have been advised that the automaker will try to steer clear of the stereotypical EV aesthetic. Assuming the company hits the benchmarks it has teased, the future EV will be able to accelerate to 60 mph in only 1.5 seconds.

In light of that, it's no surprise that the new Bentley apartment complex will give residents the opportunity to charge electric vehicles from the comfort of their own high-rise homes. What else can future inhabitants expect? In addition to the promise of stunning views, the Dezervator, and private garages, it seems the building will also leverage some high-end tech.

Bentley says cars will be lifted directly to drivers' apartments

The building will measure 749 feet high, and the sum total of four elevators will be able to take vehicles all the way up to the top floor, according to Bentley. Drivers can remain seated in their cars during this process, which involves what the automaker refers to as a robotic shuttle system with hydraulics. Where is the elevator taking the car? Straight from the ground level to the driver's own apartment, Bentley explains, stating that each apartment unit has its own garage able to accommodate either three or four vehicles.

The aforementioned tech features planned for the residential complex include the automatic scanning of residents' cars when they enter the building, something that'll be made possible by RFID stickers each driver will get for their vehicles. The scanning system is intended to activate a "sophisticated lighting system," Bentley says in its press release, one that'll be designed to help guide the driver to the specific elevator that is heading to their particular floor of the building.

Though Bentley is already showing off a sales gallery of one of the finished apartment units so that prospective buyers can see what they're in for, it has also leveraged Unreal Engine to create a VR replica for those who prefer to conduct tours using a headset strapped to their face. It sounds like each apartment unit will be quite large, as the sales gallery example measures a massive 6,000 square feet. How much does this kind of luxury cost? Bentley says the apartments will be priced starting at $4.2 million, though it's unclear where the upper end of the pricing spectrum lies.