Today's Wordle Answer #433 - August 26, 2022 Solution And Hints

It took most players 3.6 guesses to figure out today's Wordle solution, but it took us four tries even though we started guessing with WordleBot's favorite starter word, crane. We want to help you solve the puzzle in record time, so read on for hints and tips that'll make it easier to guess the answer. Spoiler alert: we'll also reveal the full solution in the second section, so you may want to stick to the first section if you don't want to be spoon-fed the answer.

The word for today's puzzle has two vowels, "I" and "O," as the first and third letters. There are no repeated letters, and the word rhymes with "tyranny." Unlike yesterday's word, which was versatile enough to be both a noun and a verb, today's word can only be a noun. It's a literary device that is used to express one's meaning with words that normally signify the opposite, usually for humorous or emphatic effect. Got it? Well done if you have! Again, the answer is immediately below the next image, so you should only continue if you want to see it.

The solution is a figure of speech

The answer to today's Wordle (#433 – August 26, 2022) is the word irony. The solution describes an event that seems deliberately at odds with one's expectations and may be amusing as a result. For example, if someone developed high blood pressure because they were often anxious or paranoid about falling sick, that would be ironic. It's also ironic that computers break down so often when they're supposed to save people time.

There's a lot of debate about the correctness of the use of irony in casual contexts, as the word is increasingly used to mean "coincidence" instead of a disparity between expectation and reality. Merriam-Webster says this so-called misuse isn't new though, and that historical records show that irony and ironic have been used incorrectly for at least 100 years.

To prove it, the dictionary website points to a 1939 quote from American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald: "It is an ironic thought that the last picture job I took — against my better judgment — yielded me five thousand dollars five hundred and cost over four thousand in medical attention." There isn't true irony in that event, but the folks at Merriam-Webster said maybe we all just have to agree that word meanings evolve and that's okay.