Today's Wordle Answer #421 - August 14, 2022 Solution And Hints

At this point, it looks like weekend Wordle puzzles are either really easy or super tough — there are no in-betweens. We're only either wrapping up a tough week with a simple puzzle or wrapping up a simple week with a tough puzzle, and the latter is the case today. The WordleBot says it took most players 4.3 tries to figure out the answer, but it seems a tad more difficult than that.

To help you figure it out and preserve your streak, here are some tips and hints for the solution word. We'll also supply the solution word in the next section so you can skip on down if you prefer.

Today's word isn't unusual, but its letter combination is. It has two vowels — "A" and "I" — in the third and fifth positions of the word. It also has a repeated consonant, "K," which is the first letter of the word, and it describes a fabric that is typically used to make uniforms. Heads up: we'll reveal the answer immediately after the next image, so you probably shouldn't go any further if you want to solve the mystery on your own.

The solution is a color and a fabric

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#421 – August 14, 2022) is khaki. It's a light yellowish shade of brown, and it could also refer to the light yellowish-brown cloth made usually of cotton or wool. The word also describes any garment (such as a military uniform or a pair of pants) made of this cloth (via Merriam-Webster). Khaki has roots in the Hindi & Urdu word "khākī" and the Persian word "khāk," which means dust-colored. Fun fact: khaki was first associated with the uniform we now describe using the word in the mid-19th century. 

Units of the British Indian Army applied the Hindi word to the color of the dull brown uniform cloth because they did not show dirt, and they made excellent camouflage. We solved the puzzle in four tries today by starting off guessing with the word roast since WordleBot's recommended starter word did us no good yesterday and the day before. We hope you crush it in fewer tries and keep that streak going!