Today's Wordle Answer #420 - August 13, 2022 Solution And Hints

We started this week with mildly difficult Wordle answers, but it looks like the New York Times is ramping things up for the weekend. Today's word is both interesting by definition and letter combination. The WordleBot says it took most players 4.6 guesses to solve the puzzle, so it definitely qualifies as a head-scratcher.

To help you preserve your streak (and your bragging rights), we'll provide hints and tips for finding the word of today. We'll also do a full reveal of the answer in the second section, so you can just cut to the chase if you want to.

Today's word has only one vowel –U– as the second letter, and it ends with the letter Y. It is synonymous with buff, shredded, jacked, or ripped, and is usually used to describe a man who is all those things. If these hints have helped you unravel the answer, bravo! If not, check out the answer in the next section.

You can add dory to the answer to make a different meaning

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#420 – August 13, 2022) is "hunky." It's an adjective that describes a man who is a hunk, or who is attractive and well-built. Interestingly, it can also function as a noun, in which context it would mean a a person of central or east European birth or descent (via Merriam-Webster), although that's an offensive term and isn't commonly used. 

As a noun, hunky comes from an alteration of the word Hungarian, but its origin as an adjective is unknown. We found the etymology lesson we were looking for when we looked up the root word, hunk, which comes from Dutch dialect "hunke", but its meaning is unknown as well.

We solved the puzzle in five tries today, just like yesterday even though we went the way of the WordleBot and started guessing with the word crane. We followed up with the words bloat, price and skunk, before eventually arriving at hunky.