Can-Am Just Revealed Its First Two Electric Motorcycles

Next year will see the arrival of two new electric motorcycle models, the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse. Both EVs have been teased by BRP, the company planning to launch an entire line of fully electric Can-Am motorcycles. There's no doubt that all-electric platforms are the future of transportation, and though passenger cars get the most attention, we've seen a growing number of electric motorcycles hit the market over recent years, not to mention all of the electric bicycles and other more atypical EVs like three-wheelers designed for simple commutes and getting around urban environments.

One of the more interesting things about electric motorcycles is that manufacturers are getting particularly creative with their designs. A number of all-electric bikes have been unveiled with futuristic styling, though there are others that have embraced the sports bike aesthetic. Look hard enough and you'll even find some options that pair a modern electric platform with retro designs, making the transition from a gasoline-powered bike to a modern variant all the more appealing.

Everything we know about the new Can-Am Pulse and Origin motorcycles

Though it won't provide the bikes' specs until August 2023, the company has given Can-Am fans a taste of the upcoming all-electric Pulse and Origin, the latter of which is a dual-purpose bike that, BRP says in a press release, "is a tribute to Can-Am's Track n' Trail heritage." The Origin will meet the needs of buyers who want a single motorcycle capable of commuting on city roads during the week and hitting the off-road tracks during the weekend, but without the typical dirt bike aesthetics many dual-use models sport. On the flip side, BRP says the Can-Am Pulse is a "balanced and agile motorcycle" intended to serve as one's daily commuter bike.

Though we don't yet know the specs and most important details about these two upcoming models, BRP has shared a few details that should help get enthusiasts excited, including the presence of an LED headlight on both models, as well as a twist-grip throttle, "near-silent" design that lacks vibration, and suitability for both experienced and new motorcycle owners. Despite their similar appearance in the image shared by BRP, the company says the Pulse and Origin each feature their own "distinct" designs, and likewise, they are both powered by Rotax E-POWER tech. We don't yet know their range or max speeds, though BRP does mention in its press release that they'll be more than capable of handling trips at highway speeds.