Samsung DIY Repairs Now Have Official Support Through iFixit

A broken phone screen can often be pricey and difficult to fix. At the very least, you'd normally have to take your phone to a repair shop and pay for both the parts and the time and expertise that was required to fix the damage. Now, you might be able to save some money, because Samsung just teamed up with iFixit on a mission to make the repairs of some of the latest Samsung phones a completely DIY affair. iFixit announced the happy news in a blog post that details the exact product range and talks about just how much you might be able to repair at home.

While many of us might be familiar with simple phone-related tasks, such as installing a screen protector on a newly purchased device, any actual repairs when something breaks are intimidating — and the manufacturers may often want to keep it that way. Modern smartphones are a lot more difficult to repair than their early keypad counterparts. You can't replace the battery yourself, swapping a broken screen is expensive and sometimes impossible, and any major repairs aren't guaranteed to succeed. With new smartphones coming out every year or two, many users are left chasing the next upgrade instead of trying to fix the phone they already own.

Now, instead of contributing to the amassing of e-waste, which now reportedly equals 70% of overall toxic waste, Samsung and iFixit will let you try your hand at repairing your phone before you turn to a professional or to a recycling center. It's not just the parts you'll be getting, either — iFixit also provides full guides on carrying out the repairs.

Not all Samsung phones can be fixed, but it's a good start

According to the iFixit blog post, the company is now offering genuine parts for the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 lines. If you've got your hands on one of the newest phones, meaning the Samsung Galaxy S22, you're out of luck — but the brand plans to expand the range as time goes on. It's not just Samsung phones that can be fixed — you can also find parts for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. The repair kits are currently only available in the United States, but much like the range itself, iFixit seems to be planning on introducing these products to the global market at some point.

The available repair parts now include replacement screens, charging ports, and back glass for all of the aforementioned models. Each of the kits will come with a detailed repair guide, which iFixit is known for. Offering this kind of reparability is a huge step for Samsung, and it certainly sets it apart from some other manufacturers who actively discourage meddling with your hardware. Replacing your screen is still going to cost a considerable amount, so try not to drop your phone — the replacement display for the S21 Ultra is priced at $240. This includes the full deal and covers everything you might need, including the phone screen, the metal frame, the bezel, and the battery. Even if the price may seem hefty, it's still less than you'd pay at a repair shop, and certainly much less than you'd pay for a new Samsung phone.