Today's Wordle Answer #407 - July 31, 2022 Solution And Hints

This week's Wordle answers have taken us on an interesting journey into etymology. We've learned some fascinating things about the origins of some everyday words, and just how diverse what we now know as the English language is. On average, it took 224 Wordle players 3.9 guesses to figure out today's word, according to the WordleBot tool. We want you to solve the puzzle in fewer tries than that, so read on for hints and suggestions to help you arrive at the answer faster.

Today's word has a pretty standard letter combination: two consonants, one vowel, and then two more consonants. There's nothing unusual, which is a plus. The one and only vowel is the letter "a," and it's the third letter of the word. The word you're looking for is, like yesterday's answer, super versatile — it can be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. As a noun, it's the dull pain some women get in their abdomen when it's that time of the month. Athletes experience it, too, although in that context it's not abdominal pain, but rather an involuntary muscle contraction. If you've gotten the answer by now, well done! If you haven't but still want to figure out the answer on your own, go no further, as we have the solution in the next section.

The answer is also a handy tool

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#407 – July 31, 2022) is also an iron device bent at the ends and used to hold timbers or blocks of stone together (via Merriam-Webster). Okay, full disclosure: today's word is cramp. Despite being widely used, we discovered that the word has a rather fascinating and diverse history. Cramp has roots in Middle English "crampe", from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin. That's similar to the Middle Dutch word "crampe" and also similar to Old High German "krampf," which means bent.

We solved the puzzle in two guesses today by starting off with croak, which turned two tiles green and one yellow. If we had used the WordleBot's top starter word, crane, we'd have turned three tiles green right away. The WordleBot would have solved the puzzle in three tries, so we beat it at its own game. The weekend is definitely off to a fantastic start, and hopefully, that lucky streak continues tomorrow.