Today's Wordle Answer #406 - July 30, 2022 Solution And Hints

This week's Wordle answers have been both challenging and interesting. Some of them have taken us down Shakespearean memory lanes, and others have given us fresh nostalgia for the golden era of dance movies. Today's word continues the streak of intrigue with a word that's been quite common in everyday modernity and remains in use today. 

For those that prefer to unravel the mystery themselves, first, we have some hints to nudge you towards the answer. Today's word has one vowel and a repeated consonant. The vowel you're looking for is "u" and it's right in the center of the word. Like yesterday's word, it's a versatile one — it can be a verb, a noun, or an adjective.

In a poker game, an opponent may try to [do this word] to pretend to have a good hand in an effort to get you to fold. It's essentially an empty threat. The repeated consonant we mentioned earlier is "f," and it's the fourth and fifth letter of today's Wordle answer. If you've gotten this far and want to figure out the answer on your own, go no further, as we have the solution just below the next image.

The answer is also a character trait

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#406 – July 30, 2022) is "bluff" — which means a few different things. If a person is good-natured and outspoken, they're bluff. Someone's bluffing if they issue an empty threat. You can call someone's bluff if you challenge them to go ahead and carry out their stated intention, in the hopes of exposing their ruse. As an adjective, bluff would define the quality of having a broad, flattened front. A bluff can be a broad, rounded cliff.

In the latter context, the word bluff has roots in old Dutch "blaf," which means flat (via Merriam-Webster). In the context of empty threats, it has roots in the Dutch word "bluffen," which means to boast. The word's transition from flatness to a person having "good-natured outspokenness" isn't quite so apparent.

We arrived at the answer in four tries, which is the same number of guesses as the Wordlebot would have solved the puzzle. Today we picked "audio" as the starter word, and turned two tiles green on the second guess, "slurp." Hopefully, you'll solve the puzzle in less than four attempts, now that you have your hands on the answer. Happy weekend!