Maserati Project24 Makes The MC20 Look Like A Toy - But There's A Catch

Maserati, the Italian manufacturer of luxury supercars, is obsessed with speed. When the Maserati brothers started the company over a century ago, they were building race cars that could win top-level motorsports competitions. The automaker had its success on the race track, but it eventually ventured into making luxury street cars that were just as good as race cars. One of its latest limited bespoke sports cars is the Maserati MC20 that we took for a test drive — it's the halo car for Maserati and it will cost you no less than $212,000. 

Even though the MC20 is limited with a high price tag, Maserati is considering producing more exclusive sports cars beyond it. "Yes, there is scope for that, clients are interested, but (I) don't want to say more," Davide Grasso, the Brand CEO of Maserati told Reuters in early 2022. Fast-forward to Friday, July 22, and Maserati revealed more details on its next limited super sports car.

Project24 is more advanced than the MC20

The next limited Maserati super sports car is codenamed Project24, and looking at the rendered images, the concept car hasn't been produced yet. The company says that it "inherits the specifications of the Maserati MC20" but it will be more advanced. To put it into context, it will use the same V6 Nettuno engine as the MC20, but Project24 will include turbochargers to boost the power to 740 horsepower — this is 119 horsepower more than that of the MC20. 

Maserati's next limited car will also weigh less than 2,755 pounds. This means it will be lighter with a better power-to-weight ratio than the MC20, which weighs about 3,300 pounds. Besides that, it will be designed with an improved suspension and carbon ceramic brakes. Another big difference is that Project24 will use a six-speed sequential gearbox instead of the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission on the MC20. However, it does come with a rear-wheel drive just like the MC20.

It will be a track only race car

Maserati says Project24 will be a track-only super sports car and "only 62 units" will be produced. This means that it will be more exclusive than the Maserati MC20. Since Project24 won't be road legal, the passenger seat is optional. Of course, it will also come with an FIA-approved roll cage, 6-point safety belt, rain light, fire extinguisher, and tuned racing tires. To improve the experience, buyers will have the option to include a tire pressure monitor, in-car video recording camera, drive performance display, telemetry recording, and a rear-view camera. 

It gets even more exciting — owners will have access to race tracks and customer support if they want to test how fast it can go. Maserati hasn't revealed when Project24 will come out or how much it will cost. The car manufacturer hasn't even disclosed its real name! But since it will be more exclusive than the MC20, we can bet it will be more expensive.