Today's Wordle Answer #398 - July 22, 2022 Solution And Hints

The solution for today's Wordle puzzle #398 is a tricky one, and it seems like the answers have gotten progressively more difficult this week. We thought yesterday's answer was a head-scratcher, but today's was even tougher. Nonetheless, it was an exciting challenge — after all, the point of the game is to get those mental muscles working.

As always, we have hints to help you figure out the answer, and we also do a full reveal of the solution, as well. Today's answer has no vowels at all, which means it includes the letter "Y." Also, yes, today we have a case of repeated consonant — this time with the letter "T," which is the first and last letter of the word. Need some more hints? The solution is a synonym for the word rendezvous, and it's what Romeo and Juliet would have had to arrange to see each other in medieval times, since there were no text messages or Instagram DMs.

Today's Wordle answer is an appointment

Think more of a romantic date and less of a dentist appointment if you're still trying to guess the solution. Okay, here's the full answer to today's Wordle (July 22, 2022): tryst. The word means an agreement (as between lovers) to meet, or an appointed meeting or meeting place, according to Merriam-Webster.

It took us five guesses to arrive at the answer today, more than the WordleBot's reported average of 3.9 tries. We kicked off with the word stare, which the WordleBot approved of. With three yellow tiles right off the bat, we were feeling confident about finishing strong. But after exhausting all of the vowels by trying frost, crust, and wrist, we were already four guesses in. By the fifth try, tryst was the only valid guess, and it was correct, thankfully. Hopefully, you're reading this article early enough to get the answer in less than five tries. Until tomorrow, happy Wordling!