Today's Wordle Answer #392 - July 16, 2022 Solution And Hints

Wake up, smell the coffee (or tea, we won't judge), and solve the Wordle. It's the routine that's kept most of us sane this past year, so if you're stuck on today's Wordle (puzzle #392 on July 16), your morning might not be going so well.

But don't worry about it, we're here to save the day—we have all the hints you'll need to find today's Wordle answer by yourself (so you retain all the bragging rights for being a Wordle Slayer). Spoiler alert: we'll also reveal the answer for those who are over the mental gymnastics and just want to solve the puzzle and preserve their streak.

Today's Wordle answer is one of those tricky words with a repeated vowel, so even if you use one of the popular Wordle starter words, you might still have a hard time figuring it out. You're not alone though—the New York Times' WordleBot reports a guess average of 4.1, which means several other players are scratching their heads (or beards) over this one.

Today's Wordle solution has something to do with space

No, not like outer space (although, speaking of, did you see those first photos of space from the James Webb Space Telescope?). If you've ever said "I need some space", you were probably taking a break from a stressful relationship, or talking about needing your abode to be more... this word. From that hint, you can probably guess that today's Wordle answer is a descriptive word — an adjective.

Does that help? If not, the word has two consecutive O's, and it perfectly sums up what average New York apartments are not. Still not sure? Okay here's the full reveal: the solution to Wordle #392 is ROOMY. It's not as tricky as JAZZY — which people are still angry about — but it's definitely up there with some of the problematic answers.

Granted, roomy isn't the most obscure word: the Corpus of Contemporary American English ranks it at #1429 in its list of most frequently used English words. But in the context of Wordle, it's quite understandable if it doesn't come to you in six guesses.

Tips for solving Wordle puzzles faster

For this Wordle and the rest to come, you want to get super creative with the starter words. While STARE, ROAST, and ROATE are pretty common options to reach for, they only eliminate 2-3 vowels at a go. In contrast, entries like OUIJA and AUDIO eliminate four out of the five vowels from your first guess. Even WordleBot agreed that AUDIO was a superb first choice, and it's not an easy bot to please.

With occasional exceptions, such as the dreadful day the answer was NYMPH, the Wordle of the day almost always contains a vowel. If you want to be an outlier of sorts, you could even try NYMPH as a first guess. The more vowels/consonants you're able to eliminate early on, the quicker you'd be able to make sense of the remaining letters on the board — and prepare yourself for when Wordle comes to (real) life as Wordle: The Party Game this fall. Happy Wordling, you noble warrior!