Wordle Wants To Conquer The World Of Board Games Next

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Hasbro, the company behind games like Monopoly and Operation, will transform the hit browser-based puzzle game Wordle into a board game, according to CNN. The title, which gives players six attempts to guess a five-letter word, eventually caught the attention of The New York Times, which acquired the game in early 2022 for what is said to have been at least a $1 million figure. Though most people have turned to their smartphones and tablets for casual gaming, board games remain popular and it's not unusual to see new ones spring up based on hit digital wares.

Hasbro Gaming SVP Adam Biehl talked with CNN about the plan, explaining that the company's physical rendition of the digital title is designed to be "authentic to the Wordle experience," something that'll hopefully be reinforced by Hasbro's partnership with the New York Times as part of this effort. Though a board game can't compete with the convenience of firing up your phone's browser every day, Hasbro's version will make it possible to play the game in teams, among other styles of gameplay.

Hasbro Wordle board game price and availability detailed

The party game version of Wordle will allow up to six people to play, according to CNN, which reports that the variant will retain the color-based letters that let the players know when they've hit the bullseye and when they've guessed the right letter, but in the wrong square. As you may expect, a host will have to participate in these gaming sessions — it'll be their job to place the letters on the board, and they'll know the solution word from the start.

Beyond team-based gameplay, Hasbro revealed that "Wordle: The Party Game" will also give fans the opportunity to play timed, fast, and classic versions of the puzzle. The New York Times contributed an official word list for the board game version of its viral title, though it's unclear how many words will be included. We do know, however, that the set is fairly cheap (as far as board games are concerned) at $19.99 USD. The product is now available through Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Hasbro for preorder, though you'll have to wait until October 1, 2022, to actually receive the game.