Elden Ring's Most Famous Player Just Received A Sword From Bandai Namco

If there's one way to prove that you've made it in any given game, it's when the studio behind the title decides to award you with a prize just because of your accomplishments. Sound a bit crazy? It happens sometimes! This time around, it happened to the most famous "Elden Ring" player known as Let Me Solo Her. Also known as KleinTsuboi, the player has helped countless "Elden Ring" fans achieve their goal, and as a reward, Bandai Namco rewarded them with an enviable set of goodies, including an actual sword. Here's what Let Me Solo Her did to deserve such recognition.

Assuming you've never heard of Let Me Solo Her, the slightly strange name refers to a player character in the "Elden Ring" game who rose to unprecedented levels of fame in a very short time. It all started with Malenia, a boss in "Elden Ring" that's especially unforgiving — and that's saying something, given that the "Souls"-like title is pretty merciless as a whole. Many players bash their heads against the wall over and over trying to defeat Malenia. Fortunately, they don't have to play alone — "Elden Ring" offers players the option to summon those who are willing to help out.

This results in countless signs being placed outside the entrance to the boss room where other players offer assistance when summoned to your game. Amongst those signs, you could often find Let Me Solo Her. The character had more than just an odd name — it was very strangely dressed, too, wearing nothing but underwear and a jar on its head alongside a set of weapons. However, it's skill and dedication that got Let Me Solo Her to become a player favorite.

Let Me Solo Her defeated Malenia countless times

Let Me Solo Her stood out from other available summons with the unorthodox set of equipment, but despite looking like someone who is only there for a joke, they proved to be extremely skilled at beating Malenia, assisting countless players in the daunting task. Upon joining the summoner's world, Let Me Solo Her would do exactly as promised — they would solo the boss if they had to, helping the player progress in the game. They started being recognized by players, and eventually spoke up on the "Elden Ring" subreddit in a post that still remains one of the most upvoted of all time in that community.

Given how iconic Let Me Solo Her had become, it's a little less surprising to see that Bandai Namco reached out and sent them a box of goodies that would have every "Elden Ring" fan weeping with joy. KleinTsuboi shared the news on Twitter, showing off the box that contains a massive sword, a custom-made plaque with artwork of the"Elden Ring" character, and a map scroll. The player went on to detail their own experience with "Souls"-like games and how they had almost quit during a playthrough of "Dark Souls 3" upon getting stuck on a particularly difficult boss.

The experience, instead of being negative, seems to have encouraged KleinTsuboi to try and prevent other players from ending up in that situation. If you're still trying to beat Malenia in your "Elden Ring" playthrough, the bad news is that Let Me Solo Her seems to have retired after defeating the boss 1,000 times. The iconic kills were shown in a nearly three-hour livestream that led up to KleinTsuboi hitting the 1,000 mark.