Travis Scott's New Bugatti Has A Ridiculous Price Tag

In addition to being a rapper and businessman, Travis Scott is known for his admiration of exotic rides that pack tons of horsepower and awesome features. The man behind such chart-toppers as "Sicko Mode" has amassed a collection of vehicles that would make just about anyone envious, and like most car lovers, he always seems to want more. At the time of writing, the 31-year-old Houston native has multiple Lamborghinis, a few Mercedes-Benz models, and a healthy mix of sports cars and SUVs (via High Snobiety).

The latest car in Travis Scott's collection is an ultra-expensive Bugatti. Though no Bugatti is cheap, this one has a truly ridiculous price tag. Many have assumed the ride is a new purchase, but a representative has confirmed to TMZ that the rapper gifted himself the Bugatti for his birthday in 2020. Although Travis may not have bought it as recently as some thought, it's still shocking that a person would pay such a steep price for a car.

The Bugatti is worth millions

Most of the cars in Travis Scott's collection come with hefty price tags. Expensive cars are kind of his thing, which means the news of his $5.5 million Bugatti Chiron Super Sport purchase isn't too surprising. However, the general public has been operating under the impression that this is a new purchase and that has made it pretty controversial. The drama arose because Travis Scott currently has a $750 million lawsuit looming due to the Astroworld tragedy that happened in 2021 (via NBC News). The controversy is why his representative set the record straight about this Bugatti having been purchased in 2020 and not after the Astroworld Festival.

Though not explicitly said, we can assume Travis Scott's Bugatti Chiron Super Sport debuted in 2020. According to Car and Driver, this model is powered by an 8-liter V12 engine with 1500 horsepower and a price tag starting around $3 million. Though much about this super expensive car remains a mystery, we do know it's rare and that there were as few as 30 of them produced, depending on the exact model (via Auto Evolution).