This VW ID. Aero Concept Teases The All-Electric Post-Passat Future

Concept cars are a great way for automakers to preview what's to come, and Volkswagen has done just that. The company has unveiled its new concept car, the VW ID. Aero, which serves as a sampling of the company's all-electric post-Passat future. Although concept cars don't always lead to tangible vehicles, this one serves as a tease for the company's first fully-electric sedan. This upcoming EV will be the follow-up to the VW ID. Buzz minivan.

The production version of Volkswagen's premium mid-size sedan is expected to sell on the Chinese market in the second half of 2023. The automaker also expects to roll out a European version of its soon-to-come all-electric sedan next year, with the process taking place in Emden. As part of its ACCELERATE strategy, Volkswagen is joining many other car companies with plans to produce more EVs. Electric vehicles are the future of the auto world, and there is now a more significant target demographic than ever.

The VW ID Aero detailed

In designing this new concept car, one of the biggest goals on the part of Volkswagen was to make it aerodynamic but to do so without sacrificing space. This design decision was necessary for the car to feel like a mass-produced luxury ride, which means not only is it spacious, but the model also packs premium headlights, LED tail light clusters, and a high gloss roof. The concept is about 196 inches long and sports Polar Light Blue Metallic paint.

Built using Volkswagen's Modular Electric Drive Matrix, the ID Aero is powered by a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery. Due to a combination of aerodynamics and the car's engine makeup, the company reports a range of up to 385 miles. In speaking about the close-to-production car, Volkswagen's CEO of Passenger Cars said, "With the ID. AERO show car, we are revealing a preview of the next member of the ID. family. A car with an emotional and at the same time extremely aerodynamic design, a range of over 600 kilometers, an extraordinary amount of space, and a premium interior." The ID Aero will be the company's fourth all-electric car series in China. The automaker plans to eventually also sell the car in North America and Europe.