9-inch Pandigital Novel tablet on sale for $214

Chris Davies - Nov 22, 2010
9-inch Pandigital Novel tablet on sale for $214

Pandigital’s larger, 9-inch Android tablet/ereader – spotted clearing the FCC earlier this month – has shown up for sale, with QVC offering the Android slate at $213.80. Tipped at $199.99 by Pandigital itself, the slate has 2GB of onboard storage and WiFi b/g, and comes with a 4GB microSD card and a leatherette case.

However, right now there’s no information on hardware or software, so we don’t know what CPU the new Novel is running on or what version of Android it has. Judging by the screenshot on QVC’s site, the older-style app drawer is present, which suggests Android 2.0 or below; the 7-inch Novel runs Android 1.5.

[via The Digital Reader and via Android Community]

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