The Wolf's Acura NSX From Pulp Fiction: Where Is It Now?

"Pulp Fiction," the second film from legendary director Quentin Tarantino, was released in 1994. The movie, which was about an underground world of curious characters, has been controversially labeled a cult classic — the controversy being due to the fact most cult classics underperformed at the box office upon release, but "Pulp Fiction" was a smash hit. Regardless, the film proved memorable for many viewers, spawning everything from memes to parodies.

Of all the iconic characters and elements from that movie, for car lovers, the one that stands out the most is the car owned by the main character known simply as The Wolf. For a little back story on why this car is so celebrated, in the film, The Wolf needs to get to a place that's more than half an hour away. He says he can be there in only 10 minutes, and the next scene shows this car pulling up to the location while a caption informs the audience that less than 10 minutes have passed. The car in the film is none other than an early 1990s Acura NSX, which is a real-life legend — one that will, sadly, exit production after the 2022 model (via Auto Week).

The Acura NSX is a legend

When you talk to fans of supercars, one ride that you'll hear mentioned quite often is the NSX from Acura. This car made its debut in 1990 and gained quite the reputation for its (at the time) record-setting speeds and power, according to Road and Track. Not only that, but it's truly a beautiful car that still holds up today, which can't be said for all classic sportscars. The model exited production in 1995 but was brought back to the market in 2016.

No one is completely sure which model year Acura NSX was used in "Pulp Fiction" — some say it was the first 1991 model but most agree that it was more than likely from 1992. The 1992 Acura NSX is powered by a 3-liter DOHC V6 engine, and it came with two transmission options: a 5-speed standard shift with a max of 270 horsepower at 7,100 rpm and an automatic that had a horsepower of 252 at 6,600 rpm (via Honda News).

Where is the Pulp Fiction car now?

Gearheads who have seen "Pulp Fiction" all have the same question: where's that beast of a car that was able to do a 30-minute trip in under 10? With as celebrated as the film is — and the fact that it's an early work of Tarantino — one would assume the car is in a museum somewhere. Well, that assumption is wrong because no one really knows where the silver NSX from "Pulp Fiction" is; there are a few possibilities, but it's difficult to determine if they are legitimate.

For example, someone claimed in a Reddit thread in December 2019 that their friend was given the opportunity to buy an Acura NSX alleged to be the one from the movie — but there wasn't any proof about the car's origins and the user didn't return with updates. A few weeks later, a user on the NSX Prime forums shared images of his silver 1992 Acura NSX and claimed that he, too, had been told the car was the one used in the movies. He said that the car had been painted, however after some of the paint chipped, he saw the silver from the movie was the original color.

But of course, as with any other claimed owners of the NSX from "Pulp Fiction," no one can fully verify the validity until there is more official information about the car from someone who worked on the movie, or perhaps a representative from wherever the car came from. With that said, film cars are often rentals, and the fact that this was an independent film means perhaps there wasn't as much record-keeping for things like this, at least compared to how things would have been done if a major studio were behind the movie.