Realme's Next Premium Tablet Looks To Have An Unusual Design

After lying dormant for over a decade, the Android tablet space seems to be in flux of late. Unlike previous years when only the likes of Samsung, Lenovo, and Huawei were interested in making tablets, a lot of newer players seem to be entering the fray nowadays. The most notable among recent entrants was Xiaomi, which launched the very capable Xiaomi Pad 5 a few weeks ago.

Not one to be left behind, Xiaomi's archrival Realme has also been concentrating on the tablet segment of late and launched its Realme Pad devices in select markets across the globe. Not content with just a handful of tablets in its portfolio, the company is prepping a brand new Android tablet launch.

The Chinese smartphone maker recently sent out invites for a launch event scheduled for May 26, 2022, where it will announce a new Android tablet called the Realme Pad X. Along with the invite, Realme also posted teaser images that showcase the design aspects of this new tablet. Hours after the announcement, popular Chinese smartphone leaker Digital Chat Station posted detailed renders of what he claims to be the Realme Pad X.

From the images, it appears that the Realme Pad X could be offered in three color options. While two of these colors happen to be standard, solid colors like Blue and Black, the third color option — seemingly called the fluorescent green checkerboard option — will catch a lot of eyeballs.

Realme Pad X: Expected specifications

Even though we still have six days before the Realme Pad X launches in China, some of the specs of the Realme Pad X have already been confirmed by Realme's CMO Xu Qi Chase, GSMArena claims. We know that this mid-range tablet will get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset. This also means that the Realme Pad X will become the first Realme tablet to feature 5G connectivity. While the CMO did not reveal the rest of the specs, there's been rumors about the likelihood of the Realme Pad fetting a QHD+ display that could also support a 120 Hz refresh rate.

From the images, it is also evident that the Realme Pad X gets a single rear-facing camera that is situated on an unusually large camera bump. There is a smaller circle below the rear camera with a prominent "AI" logo. The tablet also skips an LED flash for low-light situations.

Designwise, the Realme Pad looks like a contemporary tablet with small bezels and flat sides. One of the invites also showcases the Realme Pad X being used with a stylus. It remains to be seen if this accessory will be part of the retail package or an optional extra. With the launch date for this product a week away, there is a good chance that we could have additional details about the Realme Pad X before the official launch.