How To Fix Your OnePlus When It's Charging Slowly

Modern OnePlus phones feature blistering fast charging support. With wattage peaking at 65W, the supported power bricks can deliver a full recharge in under half an hour. However, to prevent battery degradation, OnePlus automatically slows down the charging speed when you leave the phone plugged in overnight. Or if the battery level is above 80%.

But even outside these presets, some notice a drop in charging performance. Your OnePlus might be fast-charging at a slower rate or not fast-charging at all. An ambient temperature that's too hot or cold or a loose wire connection can sometimes be responsible for slow charging speeds. But if your phone consistently fails to hit the peak charging speed, a simple fix could restore it.

Before you consider buying a new charger, resetting your phone, or taking it to the OnePlus customer service center, clean out the charging port (via Android Authority). Dust, dirt, moisture, and often lint can clog your USB port over time, limiting the phone's charging capabilities. Here's how to fix your OnePlus when it's charging slowly.

How to clean the OnePlus charging port

First, examine your phone's USB port under a bright light from different angles. Unless you scrub the port every few months, you'll find dirt and grime lodged into its crevices. Moisture can also harden the build-up, making it difficult to scrape off. But with the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can wipe all the dust and debris from your OnePlus charging port.

You'll need a flashlight or lamp, a toothpick or a cotton bud, and a compressed air duster or bulb syringe. Experts recommend using wooden toothpicks or cotton swabs because they're non-conductive and don't interfere with the circuitry. Sharp metal implements like thumbtacks and safety pins can scratch and damage the fragile USB port (via Asurion). Also, avoid blowing air on the phone because your breath contains moisture, making the cleaning even trickier.

To get started, turn off your OnePlus. And use the compressed air duster or bulb syringe to clear out any loose dust and dirt. Next, gently and carefully scrape the build-up with the toothpick or cotton bud. Use a flashlight or lamp to reach the tight corners. You can also tilt the phone or give it slight taps to clear out the scrapings. Finish off with a few more bursts of compressed air. Turn your phone on and test if the slow charging is fixed.