iPhone 14 Pro Leak Makes The Case For A Major Change

The iPhone 14 series is still likely about half a year away from hitting the shelves, but tiny details about the tweaks it supposedly has in the pipeline continue to pop up. Now, tech YouTuber EverythingApplePro has shared more light on the iPhone 14 Pro's aesthetic refinements. The leakster claims that the camera island will continue to grown in dimension with yet another new generation of iPhone devices.

More precisely, the iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly add 0.2 mm to its thickness, and the camera island is also getting its dimensions bumped up. The camera lens rings are said to be 1.92 mm taller and 1.72 mm wider on the iPhone 14 Pro and its Max sibling. While the increase in size won't be easily discernible on the Max model, it will look disproportionately huge sitting on the smaller iPhone 14 Pro's rear panel. And the protective cases based on alleged CAD-based 3D-printed dummies gave an idea of how big of an eyesore it's going to be.

Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro duo, the camera lens rings will reportedly protrude higher from the rear glass on the iPhone 14 Pro pair. The display — which is rumored to adopt a new pill and hole cutout design — will reportedly bump the aspect ratio to 20:9 from 19.5:9 on its predecessor to achieve less rounded corners. The flat metallic side rails are quite likely being carried over for another generation, and a new light purple trim is said to be in the pipeline, too.

All the love reserved for iPhone Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro is shaping up to be one of the biggest generation-over-generation upgrades for Apple's phones in recent years. Aside from the usual chip upgrade that comes courtesy of the rumored upcoming A16 Bionic, Apple is reportedly going big on camera upgrades this year. The main wide-angle camera is reportedly using a bigger 48-megapixel sensor, which packs four times more pixels compared to the sensor on the iPhone 13 Pro pair.

It is quite likely that the main snapper will capture 12-megapixel photos by default, thanks to the pixel-binning technique that combines four pixels into a larger super-pixel to capture more light data and produce sharper pictures. 8K recording is said to be on the table as well, but there's no word on any other new pro-level tricks. It's suggested that the telephoto camera at the back of this device will be upgraded to a 7-element array, compared to the 6-element setup found on the iPhone 13 Pro.

The front camera is also reportedly getting an improvement across the entire iPhone 14 series, making the switch to a wider f/1.9 aperture lens this year. The vanilla iPhone 14 and its Max sibling won't likely have any major industrial design changes made, instead opting for designs that are nearly identical to their predecessors. And more controversially, they won't likely be getting the same chip upgrade as the Pro models. Apple is also rumored to kill the physical SIM slot later this year in favor of an e-SIM-only iPhone, and support for satellite connectivity is also said to be up for consideration.