Clipchamp: How To Get Microsoft's New Video Editing App For Free

Microsoft got rid of Windows Movie Maker in 2017, replacing it with its Photos app. This move wasn't particularly popular with users, as the Photos app doesn't offer some of the editing features that were available in Movie Maker. Years later, the company finally addressed this issue by acquiring Clipchamp, which was previously offered by an independent company. Now that this software is owned by Microsoft, it can be considered the replacement for Movie Maker. Windows 11 includes Clipchamp as part of its preinstalled "inbox app" software, so you can use it this way with your Microsoft account if you wish.

Clipchamp is a basic video editor that can be used to easily create, edit, and share videos on social media. The program is also web-based, so if you don't have Windows 11 or you're using a different device, you can still try it. Best of all, it can be used for free, albeit with fewer features and capabilities than buying the premium version. However, even just for free, it can be a great tool if you want to make simple edits to videos and upload them to social media.

How to use Clipchamp for free

To start using Clipchamp, all you need to do is open the program on Windows 11 or head to the Clipchamp website and sign up for an account. You can do this by connecting another account with Clipchamp, such as Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. Once you're signed up, you can begin editing a video for free by clicking the "Create a Video" button. There are plenty of options for creating free videos in the web-based editor. You can choose from a number of templates to get started and select stock footage to add to your video. 

You can also, of course, upload your own media or record right from your computer. There are also options to add text, transitions, and graphics. You can add a lot of these for free, but if you want full access to all Clipchamp offers, you can also upgrade. There are a few different Clipchamp plans available. The free plan has limited features as described and allows you to export at resolutions up to 1080p. The Creator package is $9/month, and in addition to 1080p export, you also get unlimited cloud storage and unlimited audio stock. Then there's the Business package for $19/month, which adds access to the Brand Kit feature. Finally, there is the Business Platinum package at $39/month which adds unlimited video and image stock.