The 10 Coolest Features Of The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E

The electric car is here to stay and no longer in the realm of niche automakers. Tesla may have paved the way, but legacy automakers are not to be left behind when there is innovation to be done and profit to be earned. After fits and starts with adding electric drivetrains to their fleets, and finally getting hybrid systems ironed out and in the mainstream, Ford has gone all-in on electric power. They have introduced a future delivery of electric trucks, but, more importantly, they have a fully electric car in showrooms now, waiting to be driven home. Truthfully, they probably have waiting lists in showrooms for future electric cars waiting to be built and then driven home.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is an impressive, yet controversial, battery-powered car. It is also among the first all-electric cars larger than a compact. While affixing the Mustang moniker to a mid-sized crossover has caused plenty of consternation among the die-hard pony car fans, the vehicle itself is an impressive machine with plenty of nice features. Some of the features of the Mach-E are vehicle specific and some are not. A lot of novel capabilities of new and technologically advanced cars are becoming ubiquitous among all cars in short time as of late. But as far as the Mach-E is concerned, these are the 10 coolest features of the 2022 model right now.


The frunk is fast becoming a standard feature among electric cars that no longer have engines taking up large amounts of real estate under the hood. It is worth noting that, as discovered by Ford Authority, the official naming by Ford has changed from front trunk to frunk. This space has led to plenty of innovation and Ford is capitalizing on this with a near water-tight front cargo space. The upper seal does not fully enclose the frunk, but the bottom is all one piece and includes a drain with a plug. That means that you can remove the plastic inserts that section off the area and fill with ice and beverages for the drive-in movie, campsite, or tailgate at the stadium. Likewise, an avid fisherman could potentially use it as a live well for bait or some big catches. However, with this choice, hosing it out thoroughly and washing everything down the drain is highly recommended.

Hands-free tailgate

Power lift tailgates are nothing new, but they are endlessly helpful. This feature is also not specific to the Mustang, as the manufacturer shows how it works across the lineup on their official site. A fantastic feature included on the Mach-E is the power liftgate that operates by sweeping a foot under the rear bumper. If the key is in your pocket, the rear door opens, which is extraordinarily useful with arms full of groceries. This is a feature seen in luxury cars over the past few years, and it is making it into cars across the board more and more.

Again, this is not unique to the Mach-E or even Ford in general. But to include it on this list shows how much Ford is making an effort to ensure the Mach-E is really a premium product. When going out for the first time with an electric car, it is advantageous to make a good first impression on consumers, and this kind of inclusion should do that well.

Door handles and latches

Tesla, one of Mach-E's biggest competitors, made waves with its self-retracting automatic door handles. They are flashy and functional, as they do reduce drag to some degree. With the same idea of following form and function in design, Ford has created a unique solution that also helps to minimize drag while working quite well. The Mach-E has no door handles in any traditional sense. Instead, there is a button just above the beltline. When pressed, the door simply pops open as long as the car is unlocked. On the front doors, just below the button is a super small ledge-like handle to pull the door open, while the rear door is intended to be opened by grabbing the door itself from inside after popping open.

It is a simple and elegant design. It is unobtrusive, creates little drag, and is a novel solution. Furthermore, it has another ingenious function for safety. Once the door has opened, it would be rather easy for someone to bump the door with their hand stuck between the door and opening. To prevent injury, Ford has introduced a feature that will not allow the door to close until after it has been fully opened and shut again. This should prevent many a little finger from getting smashed by mean big brothers and sisters everywhere (via CNET).


The Mach-E is the showcase for Ford's new self-driving feature, BlueCruise. The Mach-E is capable of driving itself on restricted highways thanks to a system of radars and cameras placed around the vehicle.

Ford says that it has been testing and developing the BlueCruise system for the last few years, putting it through the paces for more than 500,000 miles to develop and fine-tune it for safe use by consumers. The development culminated in the "Mother of All Road Trips" with 10 test vehicles, all-electric trucks, and Mustangs, driving over 110,000 miles for plenty of real-world experience to prove the system works and is safe.

BlueCruise allows drivers to drive hands-free with a camera mounted above the steering column that monitors driver behavior to ensure constant monitoring of the road so that the car is always monitored by a human in real-time. This allows the driver to continue in hands-free mode without the need to regularly touch the steering wheel to confirm active participation in the drive, unlike Mach-E's primary competitor, Tesla. Ford's mapping system sets designated roadways that are eligible for driving with BlueCruise and more roads will be added with OTA updates as the technology matures.

Driver profiles

Being able to enter a vehicle and pressing a button to have the seat move to your preferred setting is something cars have had for decades. It is a nice convenience to have as an option in any car, especially one that is shared among multiple drivers. The Mach-E takes this concept a bit further and updates it to the modern age.

Like the pre-selected seat positions, the Mach-E allows up to 3 drivers to have custom settings that can be activated before entering the car when using the app. Insider breaks it down and lists options for individual settings for seat, mirrors, climate control, and audio can be adjusted and changed to individual tastes. Furthermore, if not activated before entering the car, voice recognition software onboard can be used to put the changes into motion after entering the car. Just tell the Mach-E which driver is in the car, and the car will adjust everything to those settings. It truly is a car for the modern age.

Active Park Assist

Parking in the city can be a hassle. A lot of manufacturers have integrated solutions to assist drivers in overcoming difficulties with parking. This is another feature that is not exclusive to the Mach-E or Ford but is a welcome addition to the electric Mustang.

Using cameras and radar, the car can automatically detect available parking spaces and steer and drive the car into a space completely autonomously. It is capable of both parallel and perpendicular parking. Ford lays out the steps to accomplish the parking assist in a relatively straightforward process and, once engaged, the car is parked for you. It can also be used to get out of a space, which can be helpful in particularly tight situations often found in busy city centers.

The supply chain issues of late have claimed another victim. Ford Authority announced that the parking assist would be removed from current production Mach-E vehicles with a kit installed to allow dealers to install it at a later date. Mach-E buyers will also receive a $325 credit from the purchase price and still receive the feature when it becomes available.


Fordpass is the app for your Ford motor vehicle. It has a multitude of features to help you seamlessly integrate your car with your phone. It has particularly good uses for the Mach-E due to the highly technological nature of the car.

The app has been out for a couple of years now, helping Ford drivers with a variety of issues and situations related to their vehicles. Ford lists the most prominent features of the app are the ability to lock and unlock your car and start the car remotely. Since the Mach-E lacks an engine, it takes advantage of other features. The app can give the state of charge, available range, and locate charging stations. We reported on a helpful feature that allows drivers to book parking in advance. Anyone trying to park in a congested city center knows how hard it can be just to find parking available, let alone be able to get in and pay for it. All that can be handled on the app with participating parking locations.

Fordpass is emblematic of the future of car ownership. Interconnected technologies are increasingly common in our homes, and cars are no exception. Fordpass is the app that is obligatory for electric vehicle ownership in the Ford flavor to accompany the Mach-E.

Co-Pilot 360 Assist

Ford's Co-Pilot 360 is another tool included in the Mach-E and other Ford vehicles to help keep the roads safe. Ford has put on a good effort to make the Mach-E a capable car with plenty of convenience features and a reasonable amount of power to enhance the driving experience. However, Ford has also done a great job of enhancing safety.

We reported that it is "the most advanced among full-line brands" and includes five standard features. The Co-Pilot offers drivers a reverse camera, automatic high beams, lane-keeping system, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking. The Ford Co-Pilot is planned to be on nearly all of their vehicles, so it is not unique to the Mach-E but is a good addition to the suite of technology offered. Systems like this are becoming standard among all automakers and should help reduce accidents on the highways.


Another feature being added to cars across the Ford lineup is SYNC 4, a software package that centers on a large touchscreen in the dashboard that controls functions like audio system, navigation, and climate control. According to SlashGear, the SYNC 4 will go on screens starting at eight inches, with options available up to 15.5 inches in lengthin. It is an impressive system that integrates with the car and mobile phones to deliver seamless connectivity and control over the driving experience. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and pairs with FordPass Connect.

While the SYNC system offers plenty of features for any Ford vehicle, it becomes more useful in the case of the Mach-E as it also becomes an info system for the battery and charging system as well as other parameters unique to a battery-powered vehicle, according to the manufacturer.

Easter eggs

Clever manufacturers have been adding fun little details to keep fans talking and engaged. While the big three automakers have often been seen as old, stodgy corporations full of well-pressed suits and solid color neckties, some of them have shown they do know how to have fun, too.

If one happens to be on the underside of the Mustang Mach-E, inscribed on the side of the casing for the electric motor is the phrase, "electric ponies live here." That would surely be more fun to be the first buyer to notice that instead of reading about it in some article, but it is what it is. The other Easter eggs are less dramatic, but amusing nonetheless. Ford is proud to point out that when a driver with their connected phone approaches the car, it lights up with puddle lights shining a pony down from the side mirror to the ground. Fans of the car have pointed out other little touches include a pony under the charge port door above the word horsepower and another little pony under the mat that fits into the phone charging cubby.

Other brands do go a bit more overboard than this, but it is nice to see Ford doing something to keep things interesting. Any little touches that can increase brand engagement are good to keep loyal customers coming back. It also helps to build a good car.