The Peterson Museum Is Selling A Truly Bizarre Smart Car You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Car enthusiast and YouTuber Doug DeMuro is calling attention to an odd duck of a smart car: the 2004 Smart Crossblade. It's a vehicle that's been a part of the collection in LA's Petersen Automotive Museum for years, according to DeMuro, and even predates the release of the Smart Car and its later models in the US. DeMuro states that there were approximately 2000 Crossblades produced, but doubts that the numbers were actually that high due to the car's... peculiar design.

The Smart Crossblade isn't simply a curiosity being highlighted in a YouTube video, however — this specific model belonging to the Petersen Museum is actually being auctioned off on DeMuro's enthusiast website, Cars & Bids. And as of today (April 21, 2022) there are still seven days remaining, with the highest bid currently at $7,000 US.

Don't expect to take your Smart Crossblade out for a spin around town if you win, however, as its unconventional design means that it's not street-legal in the United States — which is likely why it was never sold there.

What's so strange about the Smart Crossblade?

Besides the scarcity of being one of maybe 2000 of its kind, the Smart Crossblade's strangeness (and lack of street-legality) is apparent just from looking at it. This is almost more like a proof-of concept, or possibly even a golf cart, than a full-blown automobile.

Instead of doors it has bars that look more like thrill ride restraints designed to keep you from falling out rather than absorb impacts. There's no windshield — just a small piece of curved glass at the front that sits well below the driver's chest line. And it has no roof. Not like in a convertible sense where the roof can be retracted; there just isn't one. Clearly it's not something we can expect to see on the road outside of maybe a car show.

As interesting as the Smart Crossblade may be to enthusiasts and collectors, it's more of a curiosity you can admire (and possibly drive up and down your driveway) than a proper means of transportation.