Pixel 6a Benchmark Raises Hopes For Google's Mid-Range Flagship

The Pixel 6 is one of Google's most notable smartphones since the original Pixel in 2016, perhaps its most popular. The model's combination of a quirky design and high-end specs already make it a worthy contender, but its new custom Tensor processor makes it all the more interesting for Android fans. Given its relative success so far, Google is expected to continue that strategy, at least before the Pixel 7 hits shelves. 

Pixel fans have hoped that Google will make the Pixel 6a a copy of the Pixel 6, just with some compromises to keep the price tag low. In fact, rumors so far say exactly that, with the Pixel 6a following in the more expensive model's looks and even packing the same processor. It is surprising, however, to see just how much the two will be similar, particularly when it comes to performance, at least based on this single benchmark sighting.

According to rumors, the Pixel 6a will look exactly like the Pixel 6 as far as the basic design goes. That means it will (likely) have the same horizontal camera bump near the top that has been compared to a visor. Whether it will share the same dual-tone color scheme is yet to be seen, but the chances are high. Regardless, it will no doubt sport a distinctive look that is unique to the Pixel 6 series, and would-be owners of the Pixel 6a won't feel out of place in this department.

As many hoped for, the Pixel 6a is also expected to bear the "Whitechapel" GS101 chip that Google itself designed and put inside the Pixel 6. This has the marketing name of Google Tensor and is custom-built to give AI-based processes a leg up. It's the same hardware that's credited for Android's AI chops on the Pixel 6, so it's only natural that people would want to get those same features on a mid-range version. It turns out they might be getting that and more.

Benchmark reveals Pixel performance

According to a Geekbench comparison, the CPU performance of the Pixel 6a ever so slightly surpasses that of the Pixel 6 by a very small margin. Even considering margins of error, this practically means the Pixel 6a will be on par with its more expensive sibling as far as raw processing power is concerned. The listing shows the Pixel 6a will only have 6GB of RAM, which makes the scores even more impressive.

Of course, readers will want to take this listing with a grain of salt, though the Pixel 6a's "bluejay" codename has already been confirmed in other unofficial sources. The phone is also expected to come with a 6.2-inch FHD+ screen, though its refresh rate hasn't been validated by other leaks. 

The Pixel 6a might be announced at the upcoming Google I/O 2022 event in May, so we expect more sightings of its features and benchmarks to come our way ahead of the annual event. Suffice it to say, it's going to keep Pixel fans at the edges of their seats, especially after some rather disappointing and confusing runs of the Pixel "a" series over the past two years.