Elden Ring Damageless Run Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Can you imagine beating "Elden Ring" in three hours without taking any damage whatsoever? Us neither, but it actually happened. Twitch streamer Seki managed to achieve that impressive feat, completing the entire game without taking damage even once. The streamer recorded the journey and uploaded it on his YouTube channel for the world to see, admire, and applaud the boundless patience it must have taken. Spoiler alert: he didn't just get lucky on his very first try. Any "Elden Ring" fan, as well as anyone who has ever played a "Dark Souls" game, knows the dreaded "You Died" screen. Two words, written in red letters, over a dark background. Two words that may make you want to throw your controller at the screen as you scream loudly enough for your neighbors to begin to wonder just what is going on at your place. "Dark Souls" games are typically as amazing as they are frustrating, and "Elden Ring", while it brings a lot of quality-of-life improvements, is no different in that regard.

In short: you shouldn't play this game if redoing something over and over is not fun for you. No one breezes through the game without getting stuck on a boss, or even just a particular zone, now and then. Learning the movements needed to avoid damage and finally win takes time, patience, and resilience. Seki must have an endless supply of all three, because not only did he manage to beat "Elden Ring" without taking any damage, he first spent 130 hours practicing to finally hit that perfect run.

Elden Ring speed run with no damage taken? Not impossible

As seen in the title of the above video, Seki believes that he was the first streamer in the world to complete a full run of "Elden Ring" taking no hits or damage. This means that not only did he not take any damage from the various enemies found in the Lands Between, he also didn't suffer any environmental damage, be it from taking a fall or stepping in poison. As he notes on YouTube, this makes the run extra difficult, because if he had lower health, he could have benefitted from items such as the Red-Feathered Branchsword, which increases damage when your character is on low health. The Twitch streamer managed to complete the game without even bothering to wear much in terms of equipment. Of course, he had his trusty Moonlight Katana weapon, but there was no need for any armor in a no hit/no damage run. As such, his character was very light and was able to run quickly and dodge efficiently. It was a glass cannon equipped with powerful weapons, some sorceries (magical spells), and very little defense.

The fact that this was a speed run is also worthy of recognition. Completing the game in under three hours is an achievement of its own, let alone without losing concentration and dying a single time. Watch the video for yourself, because any "Elden Ring" fan is sure to be green with envy at some of the moves Seki managed to pull off.

Seki claims to be the first to complete a no hit/no damage run of Elden Ring

Seki announced his triumph on Twitter, where he was met with a few people who said that his run was not the first one. It's true that another YouTuber, BushidoYu, posted a video where he completed the game in a "No Hit Run" much sooner than Seki has. However, Seki's run includes the "no damage" clause, which puts it in a different category of difficulty. However, to most players out there, even a "no death" run is impossible, so any form of damage avoidance just puts the difficulty level off the charts.

Whether he really was the first or not doesn't make this feat any less impressive, especially considering that the true test of luck and ability comes right at the end when fighting the final boss. According to Seki, he managed several times to play through most of the game as intended, only to fall short at the very end. Despite the fact that the run took him so long to master, he stuck to it, and he plans to continue trying various "Elden Ring" challenges.