Can These Slick EV Stations Make Charging A Treat Not A Chore?

Public EV charging stations are growing more prevalent, but there's always a way to do things better and more efficiently. At least, that's what Electrify America says about its newly announced line of EV stations. Detailed in its announcement today, Electrify America plans to roll out 150 of its upgraded battery energy storage systems (BESS) across America by the end of 2023, which store energy on-site and will decrease the load on the power grid. 

The company also announced its "next-generation" facilities that can comfortably serve large groups of people at once; they're a significant step up from many existing charging spots, which may be something as basic as an EV charger in a grocery store parking lot.

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely gaining ground in the United States. Right now, it seems like one of the biggest concerns that some may have while contemplating the switch from fossil fuel-dependent vehicles to EVs is how often they'll be able to keep their vehicle charged up. Unlike cars that have traditionally relied on the diesel and gasoline available at gas stations across America, electric cars instead need to be recharged like any other portable electronic device.

The average American home is capable of providing enough power to fill Tesla's lithium battery overnight, but charging an electric vehicle while on the road is not quite as simple as plugging any phone into the wall.

Electrify America claims to offer a "next-generation" vehicle charging experience

In addition to upgrading 150 of its existing charging spots with on-site batteries, Electrify America is deploying what it calls its very own "Charging Lounge," which offers a "next-generation" charging experience, complete with waiting areas decorated to match the local flavors and visual aesthetics of the cities they're located in.

In fact, it sounds like these Electrify America lounges will be much grander in scale than any old gas station; each will offer 20 charging outlets, seating areas, vehicle showcases, dedicated event space, and even their own security detail.

Evidently, these common spaces are meant to provide a warm welcome for prospective electric vehicle owners who are still on the fence about leaving fossil fuels behind for good. Electrify America seems to want its EV stations to function as completely fleshed-out destinations where drivers can go to recharge.

The company is also planning to add up to 500 solar-powered canopies to 100 of its existing stations nationwide, stating, "In addition to providing shelter from the sun and weather elements, the energy captured by the solar awnings will be utilized to help power the station's operations."

Electrify America's upgraded "flagship" charging facilities ("Charging Lounge" and all) will be located in major urban centers across California and New York City. Californian facilities are set to be deployed in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, and Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, the first New York City-based facilities will be in Manhattan and Brooklyn.