Google Search's Best Privacy Feature Will Arrive On Android Any Day Now

Android users are finally getting access to one of the best Google Search privacy features released so far: the ability to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of search history. The company confirmed the upcoming addition to The Verge, which reports the feature is currently rolling out on the Google app and that one of its editors already has access to it on their phone. XDA Developers' editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman also received a tip about the feature rollout.

The ability to delete the last 15 minutes of search history is something Android fans have been looking forward to since the feature was firstĀ announced during last year's Google I/O event. The company released its then-new privacy tool in the Google app for iOS in July 2021, saying at the time that it would also bring it to the Android version later in the year.

That didn't happen, though. Fast forward to March 2022, and Android users finally look to be getting their chance in the spotlight.

The feature isn't coming to desktop anytime soon

While Android users are no doubt excited about the release of the new feature, those looking forward to it appearing on desktop may be waiting even longer. When Google first revealed the privacy feature, it didn't share any details about what platforms it planned to release it on. When the iOS version dropped in July 2021, the company announced the mobile version of the feature, but there was no mention of a desktop variant.

Just because Google has remained silent doesn't mean there aren't plans to bring the deletion tool to desktop, though. The company is often guarded about some of its plans for software updates and doesn't always reveal details until the features become available. It could be doing something similar now, but unfortunately, only time will tell if that's the case.

Even if Google doesn't bring the quick delete feature to desktop, there are still plenty of other great ways to clear out your Google Search history.