Humble Stand With Ukraine Bundle Features Over 100 Items, With All Proceeds Going To Charity

Hot on the heels of the reveal of its 2022 games lineup yesterday, Humble is back today with the launch of a special, all-charity bundle. Today Humble launched the "Stand With Ukraine Bundle," which features over 100 items and benefits four different charities. In breaking with the usual bundle revenue split, Humble says that all proceeds from the "Stand With Ukraine Bundle" will benefit those four charities.

The four charities this bundle is raising money for include Razom for Ukraine, which has organized an emergency response to provide tactical medicine items and supplies to Ukraine; the International Rescue Committee, which has boots on the ground in Poland to provide Ukrainian refugees entering the country with essential items and protection; International Medical Corps, which has a team in Ukraine to provide emergency health and mental health support services; and finally, Direct Relief, an organization that has been working with the Ministry of Health within Ukraine to provide supplies to local hospitals as it supports refugees in surrounding countries.

What's in the Stand With Ukraine Bundle

Humble says the "Stand With Ukraine Bundle" features over 100 items and includes video games, books, and software. Some of the video games on offer include "Back 4 Blood," "Satisfactory," "Fable Anniversary," "Spyro Reignited Trilogy," and "The Long Dark," among others.

The books on offer include rulebooks for several pen and paper RPGs. The few that Humble confirmed to us include "Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook," "Starfinder Core Rulebook," and "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition Core Rulebook." If you're looking for a new pen and paper addiction, you can probably find it in this bundle, though there will be more books available beyond just those three.

Finally, there's a slate of software included, with the "Stand With Ukraine Bundle" offering a 12-month license to "GameMaker Studio 2 Creator," and copies of "RPG Maker VX," "Polygon Farm," and "Unity to Music Maker EDM Edition." What we've listed here just scratches the surface of what's available, so check out the bundle over on Humble's website to see all of the rest. The "Stand With Ukraine Bundle" will be available until March 25, 2022, giving you a week to pick up a bundle for yourself and help fund these charities doing important work during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.