TikTok Is Stunned By This Simple Nintendo Switch Hack

The Nintendo Switch has had a pretty full life so far, having just passed its five year anniversary (it first launched on March 3rd, 2017) and been a fairly consistent top-selling console throughout much of that time. All despite the prevalent issue of joy-con drift that's been causing headaches for quite a number of customers, no less.

What's more, several less-than-obvious features have been highlighted as the years have gone on — features that may not be vital to all, but have definitely been a useful surprise to some. A built-in web browser, dark mode settings, joy-con connectivity with Android devices and PCs, being able to turn on your TV when turning on the console, and so on.

And now TikTok is buzzing (pun not intended but still relished) about one such feature as explained in a video by outofthebox_youtube in which it's shown how you can use your Switch console to help you find any of your misplaced joy-con controllers.

Here's the trick

As explained in the short clip, you can go into your Switch's settings without a joy-con via the touch screen, and use it to send a signal to your missing controller.

To use the function, double-tap the Controllers menu icon from the Switch's home screen, tap Find Controllers from inside that menu, then tap the icon of the controller you're trying to find. If the controller still has power (i.e. the battery hasn't run down) and is within range of the Switch, it will start vibrating loud enough to be heard as you wander around your living space listening for it. Then when you find the controller you just tap the icon again to shut off the vibration.

Since the feature is built into the Switch, it will work on both the original version and the more recent OLED model. It also works for the Switch Lite if you have extra joy-cons being used as additional controllers, but with the controls being built into the unit itself it may not be quite as useful.