Twitter Reacts To Apple's New Alpine Green iPhone 13 And 13 Pro

Apple's "Peak Performance" event kicked off today with the unveiling of new green colorways for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models, something that was quickly followed by the introduction of the iPhone SE and iPad Air 3. Each year, Apple tends to refresh its mobile lineup with a new coat of paint to keep sales up while users await a fully new iPhone, and to give them a bit more choice. 

There is, of course, the long tradition of the red model, with proceeds donated to the fight against AIDS and HIV, but lately, Apple has been playing around with even more colors in a return to its halcyon days when the company was known for a playful rainbow of products. Its new iPad Air options resemble nothing so much as composition notebooks with an array of color selections. The green iPhone 13 will fit in Apple's lineup alongside the existing black, white, gold, and blue options.

The new "alpine green" iPhones sport a muted navy green reminiscent of forest tones or camo gear. The color extends under the camera hump, where it's a bit lighter, giving the back of the device a two-tone look, and it even covers the side rails on both models, though they remain as shiny as ever on the 13 Pro. Apple says it achieved the look by using "multiple layers of nanometer-scale metallic ceramics." Of course, one of the risks any company runs by releasing crisp new colors is that, while they may entice certain users, no color appeals to everyone. Here's how Twitter reacted to the announcement of Apple's new iPhone paint job.

People are (mostly) loving the iPhone 13 in alpine green

Some people are predictably craving a new iPhone 13 or 13 Pro in alpine green, with @_positions__ swooning, "the new iPhone 13 green is so beautiful omg". Still, others are kicking themselves for upgrading early, a familiar struggle for anyone who tries to keep their tech current. As @femmefatxIe lamented in hyperbolic all-caps, "IPHONE 13 GOT A GREEN BACK THREE MONTHS AFTER I GET A BLACK ONE R U KIDDING". You don't have to scream, but rest assured, your pain is shared.

Others, however, weren't as keen on the new colorway, with @kczaban_ calling it "Riddler green" in a reference to the villain from the latest Batman movie. Other users were disappointed but liked the idea of more options. @AvidLancer wrote, "Eh could be better. Personnelly [sic] don't like the green it looks kinda swamp like but i think because apple is finally expanding their colour palette evn more is great".

The iPhone 13 series in the new green color options will be available to preorder starting on March 11, with availability starting March 18.